Appraisal and revalidation

Revalidation is a process whereby all licensed doctors have to demonstrate to the GMC that they are up-to-date and fit to practise.  Revalidation is based on a local evaluation of doctors' performances through annual appraisal. Doctors are expected to provide a core set of supporting information over each revalidation cycle at appraisal. The information from the appraisal will be assessed by a responsible officer who will then make a revalidation recommendation to the GMC, normally every 5 years. 

All licensed doctors need to maintain a portfolio of supporting information drawn from their practice demonstrating how they are continuing to meet the requirements set out in the Good Medical Practice Framework for appraisal and revalidation. By providing evidence of supporting information for learning activities, annual appraisal enables the Responsible Officer to make a recommendation to revalidate the doctor. The online portfolio has the option to allow doctors to store and categorise supporting evidence.

For more detailed information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or download our guidance below. 

Download our guidance

Our guidance on revalidation is designed for both pathologists and their appraisers. It covers everything you need to know, including how to maintain and enhance the quality of your work, evaluate your practice, and receive and log feedback.