Equality, diversity and inclusion

What equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) means to us

The Royal College of Pathologists is committed to equity of access, opportunity and advancement for all groups of individuals. We believe in the power of diversity, in valuing individuals for the different perspectives they bring and ensuring all individuals are represented in the College. We want to make sure everyone has a voice and an opportunity to participate in College work, and we are dedicated to listening and growing.

Our equality policy

The College's equality policy sets out our position on equality matters and the approach we take in each of our departments.

Equality Policy

How we support EDI

EDI network

Our EDI Network seeks to create a safe space for people to come together and discuss diversity and inclusion in the context of pathology. An opportunity to share individual experiences, shape College policies and procedures in the interests of everyone and promote the value that diversity brings to every one of us. We seek to champion inclusivity as a fundamental foundation for pathologists’ wellbeing and patienty safety.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network

Action plan

The College’s action plan sets out the work we intend to deliver over the coming year to ensure our processes are fair and accessible and we actively promote and encourage diversity and inclusivity throughout our membership, the wider profession and the College’s work.

EDI action plan (January 2023)

Impact assessments

Assessing the impact of new or revised policies and procedures helps to improve outcomes for those who may experience discrimination and disadvantage. So, the College seeks to ensure assessments are completed for all of our projects across all of our departments.

Reasonable adjustments

We will do all we reasonably can to meet the needs of individuals who engage with the College and ensure everyone has equity of access.


We will host events to celebrate diversity and inclusion in pathology, and share our content to these pages.

Data collection

As part of the College’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion, we are gathering data on our members to determine how representative our College structures are and to work towards improving diversity and inclusion at the College. We want to understand if the diversity of our members is represented sufficiently in the College and whether or not any of our policies or processes create barriers to certain groups.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion survey (login required)