5 December 2023

On Wednesday 15 November the College held an online an Undergraduate Pathology Quiz as part of International Pathology Day 2023, with 55 attendees joining from countries around the world.

Histopathology trainees, Dr Alireza Behzadnia and Dr Azza Abdelsatir chaired the quiz and gave informative explanations to each question, helping the undergraduates understand the reason behind each answer. There were a variety questions in the quiz, including a round about effects of climate change on health; this year’s International Pathology Day topic.

The winning team was a group of six medical students from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who will receive free virtual tickets to International Pathology Day on 6 November 2024.

Feedback from participants who responded was very positive comments including

 ‘We have learnt a lot. For example, the fact that M-pox does not belong to the pox genus. We also got interested in climate change and its devastating effect.’

The quiz hosts also enjoyed the event – Dr Azza Abdel Satir said ‘Thank you, Penny, Kelley, and Giles for all the hard work. It was a pleasure working with all of you.’

This was the second International Undergraduate Pathology Quiz and we are planning another quiz to coincide with IPD in 2024. More details to follow.