RCPath Consulting

RCPath Consulting provides advice to organisations that need an expert, independent view on how pathology and laboratory medicine services should be organised to have the greatest impact on patient care.

Our services

We provide a range of consultancy services tailored to the needs of clients, offering advice on: 

  • provision of pathology services – including objective measurement of end-to-end quality of the laboratory service.
  • pathology commissioning and tendering – in situations where it is useful to have an independent, authoritative view.
  • reconfiguration of pathology services – where changes across more than one Trust are impacting local providers and maintenance of the quality of service and cost-effectiveness is paramount.
  • option appraisal processes – when pathology plans are assessed and options are considered and prioritised.

Why work with us? 

Our advisors are senior Fellows of the College or Institute of Biomedical Science with many years of experience in the management and delivery of clinical laboratory services. RCPath Consulting advisors have provided impartial advice to NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, commissioning groups, other national organisations and pathology networks.

The detailed scope and schedule of consultancy services varies with each organisation, so we offer a flexible approach for different scenarios. A detailed preliminary discussion with each client ensures that our services are appropriately targeted to achieve their desired outcome.

Find out more

Contact the RCPath Consulting team to discuss how our advisors can use their expertise to support your laboratory medicine services.