This section provides information about the approval of pathology training programmes and sites.

The General Medical Council (GMC) has a principal function of securing the maintenance of standards, and requirements relating to, postgraduate medical education and training. The GMC has the power to give, withdraw and attach conditions to approvals of postgraduate medical education and training intended to lead to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). Trainees who wish to receive a CCT upon satisfactory completion of training must follow an approved curriculum in the GMC approved training sites and programmes.

The process for the approval of a new location

Deanery / Local Office representatives can apply directly to the GMC for approval using the GMC Programme and location application form. By submitting the form to the GMC you are agreeing to the declaration at the end of the form that the location meets the GMC’s standings in Promoting Excellence in Medical Education and that you will identify and respond to any concerns about non-compliance through your quality management processes.

You do not need the Royal Colleges to review requests for approval however the GMC and the College would encourage Deanery/ Local Office representatives to continue to work closely with us when considering new locations to ensure that the curriculum and assessment requirements can be delivered across the programme with appropriate supervision.

Approval of a New Programme

Please note that the process for requesting approval for a new programme remains the same and it requires College support. Therefore the Deanery / Local Office will need to complete the forms below and send them to the College.

A list of approved training programmes and sites is published on the GMC website. The list is updated on a bi-weekly basis.

Documents for submission to the RCPath for the approval of a new programme:

 As well as the relevant forms above an educational job description should be submitted (if the information is not covered in the above applications). Below is an example, you can submit your own template.